BUSTED: MSNBC Anchor Forced To Apologize On Air After STUNNING Accusation Against Trump

It’s a rare day when MSNBC catches attention outside the New York-to-Washington beehive, but this boneheaded blurt really caused a buzz.

In an era when liberals love to preach about “fake news” on the internet allegedly costing Hillary Clinton the presidential election, an MSNBC anchor who thought she had a beef with the president-elect and Fox News spilled a blatant falsehood on air about her much more successful conservative competition.

And she ended up eating her words.

The first moment came during “MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle” when the eponymous hostess went on a rant about the spending record of President-elect Donald Trump when he was campaigning around the country.

Noting that Trump had racked up bills in his own restaurants and hotels during the race, Ruhle seemed to be grasping for anything to criticize the billionaire businessman about. (If you owned a bunch of hotels around the country, where would you stay when you were traveling?)

First, she agreed with a guest who noted that campaign laws required Trump to reimburse Trump facilities for the expenses associated with feeding and lodging his campaign staff.

Then Ruhle went rogue and tried to smear not only Trump but also Fox News.

“Without a doubt, but did he need to be eating only in Trump restaurants, staying in Trump hotels?” she asked without any evidence that only Trump lodgings and eateries had been used by the candidate and his campaign.

“Think about the hotel in Washington now,” the MSNBC anchor continued. “The RNC is having their Christmas party there. Fox News had their Christmas party there. That doesn’t feel a little hinky?”

Check it out here:


It might be a little “hinky” if the Fox News team did indeed have its Christmas party at the Trump International Hotel in Washington. The network that’s been on the outs with the Obama gang for the past eight years is already being accused of being too close to the incoming Trump administration.

But Ruhle’s problem is it just wasn’t so. According to the liberals at Mediaite – who contacted Fox to check out the anchor’s claim – the “fair and balanced” network hasn’t had its Christmas party in D.C. yet. When it does, it’s going to be at the Liaison Capitol Hill, about a mile-and-a-half from the Trump operation.

And that bit of “fake news” had Ruhle issuing an on-air apology later in the day.

Check it out here.

The “fake news” hysteria at the moment is targeting conservative internet sites – or just about any news outlet that didn’t sell its soul to the Democrat candidate for president in this election cycle.

But the reality is that the really dangerous fake news isn’t showing up on obscure websites with sensational headlines. It’s getting dropped innocuously into mainstream media coverage where it goes by with a lot less notice than Ruhle’s made-up blunder.

It gets reported because it fits in with liberals’ world views, and it’s believed by viewers who either don’t know better, or agree with the liberals themselves.

In this case, though, the anchor got called it on and had to cough up a lengthy mea culpa on the air. Even if Ruhle’s blunder was nailed by a liberal site, situations like this are exactly the reason new media internet news outlets exist and, in many circles, are thriving.

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