NFL Team Shows They Don’t Give a Damn About Veterans’ Concerns with Disgraceful ‘Honor’ for Kaepernick

49er Colin Kaepernick has become more known for protesting the national anthem than for his talent on the football field.

With the NFL regular season soon coming to a close, many Americans will remember 2016 as the year an NFL player used his massive platform to try and push a political agenda. No athlete in recent sports history has created the level of controversy that Kaepernick has.

His protest of the national anthem caught fire and influenced other team members and NFL players to join in. Yet, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Kaepernick’s antics became so popular that grade school children were seen taking a knee during the anthem.

On the other side, many military veterans and police officers ripped apart Kaepernick’s protest and his reasoning behind it.

In an interview with Independent Journal Review in August, U.S. Army veteran, Dorian Majied, said:

“To refuse to stand for the National Anthem is his right as an American, and I support that right; however, I do not agree with that action.

There are a myriad of other ways to conduct social protest for people of color that don’t, whether by intent or otherwise, ignore the American principles that have given rise to extreme integration within a single American generation.

My father was born without the right to vote and in one generation I’ve been blessed to lead amongst the world’s greatest fighting force.”

But the 49ers somehow find Kaepernick’s actions during the 2016 season something to admire. In fact, they’re giving him the Len Eshmont Award, the most prestigious award a 49er can receive.

According to the 49ers:

“The Len Eshmont Award is voted on by the players and is given to the 49er who best exemplifies the inspirational and courageous play of Len Eshmont, an original member of the 1946 49ers team. Eshmont, who coached at Navy and Virginia following his career in San Francisco, died in 1957. The award was established that year.”

Sean Conner, a USMC veteran and MARSOC operator, told us what he thinks about Kaepernick’s new award:

Image Credit: Sean Conner/Independent Journal Review

“The fact that Kaepernick is getting an award for ‘courage’ would be laughable if wasn’t such a deplorable abomination. We all know what a disgrace and attention-seeking slacktivist he is.

But I’m going above and beyond with this: It’s a bigger problem that his team is enabling him now. The 49ers directly slapped every veteran, military member, and real patriot in the face.

You would think the reduction in ratings would get their heads straight, but obviously they like a challenge. Cheers to you, 49ers!”

The 49ers as a team made the decision for the award to go to Kaepernick. Meanwhile, outside of the locker room, he remains one of the most disliked players in the NFL.

Source: IJR




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