FACT CHECK: Snopes Fact-Checker Arturo Garcia Is an Anti-Trump, BLM-Supporting ‘Progressive’

FACT CHECK: Snopes Fact-Checker Arturo Garcia Is an Anti-Trump, BLM-Supporting ‘Progressive’

Facebook’s new fact-checking partner Snopes is almost solely staffed by left-wing employees, some of whom have compared Trump supporters to “ethno-nationalists,” claimed that racism against white people is not possible, and praised national bans on “ultra-thin models.”

Snopes fact-checker Arturo R. Garcia, who also writes for Raw Story and works as the Editor-at-Large of “Racialicious”– “A blog about the intersection of race and culture” — labels himself a “progressive” in his Twitter bio and frequently engages in left-wing commentary while also determining what’s true or false at the “neutral” Snopes.

Quoting a tweet from an account which read “Ethno-populist Trump TV, coming soon to racists near you,” Garcia added, “I guess they finally got their White Entertainment Television”.

In other tweets, Garcia often attempted to portray Trump supporters in a negative light, while he also made numerous racially-provocative comments.

Nearly all of the content retweeted by Garcia was also either left-wing, racial, anti-Trump, or social justice-related.

As pointed out by the Daily Caller, one of Garcia’s most recent articles at Raw Story is titled “The next time your right-wing uncle tries to ruin the holidays with ‘proof’ of creationism, show him these videos.”

Garcia’s other articles mainly revolve around attacking or embarrassing conservative politicians or pundits, including Donald Trump, Tomi Lahren, and Sean Hannity.

Garcia also frequently writes positively about #BlackLivesMatter while attacking those who condemn it.

Despite his obvious and self-proclaimed political biases, Garcia has fact-checked numerous comments by Donald Trump and Mike Pence, while providing leading political coverage during the election.

Garcia, who could be instrumental in determining what news outlets are “fake” or not on Facebook, has also repeatedly attacked Breitbart News. He also currently misattributes a quote to Breitbart in his Twitter bio.



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